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8th February 2016
9th April 2016
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Hello My Lovelies

Well I’m not quite sure where March has gone. It certainly seems to have flown by this year doesn’t it? March is always eventful for us. My two youngest have their birthdays within 3 weeks of each other and this year Mother’s day fell in between. It has been non stop celebrations!

Connie had a very happy birthday. Normally we do a joint tea party at home for her and Zach for close friends and family. This year, as Zach had started school and Connie pre school we had a little shindig at our local craft cafe. 6 preschoolers making ‘Art in a Bag’ Lots of fun but no mess, marvellous. Connie’s present off us was a scooter. I wasn’t sure how well she would cope with it but I shouldn’t have worried. I have to run to keep up with her. It has made the school run a dream.

Mother’s Day was sooooo lovely. My Mum and Stepdad came over for the day and my lovely husband did us a full blown afternoon tea. It was divine. Lots of different finger sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, mini victoria sandwiches and a coffee & walnut cake. What more could a girl ask for? I did lay the table. While Adam is marvellous at cooking and baking, table decorating amounts to slinging cutlery and a pile of plates in the middle of it. I’m sure he would have done more than that for this but my OCD kicked in. I wanted to use the beautiful china my Mum got me for Christmas, (it’s pink!!! I know, I squealed too). Luckily I didn’t have enough for everyone so the children used another set, that didn’t make me feel quite so ill at the thought of them using it.

We had such a lovely afternoon. Cleaning up wasn’t quite so much fun ….

Zach’s birthday was as exciting as always. He is such a cutie. I wish I could bottle his excitement and happiness. It puts a big smile on my face. He practically bounced down the stairs. He got a scooter upgrade to a two wheel version and he is as equally proficient as Connie. I think I might need to get myself one to keep up. Zach has been to several soft play parties for his friend’s birthdays so I thought we would do something slightly different. He did T-Shirt painting with some of his friends, again at the craft cafe. The concentration levels were outstanding and as you can see the designs were great too. He was even more excited that Jack, the class Bear came to stay for the weekend and was allowed to join in with birthday cake and a movie evening.

From a work perspective, March has been quiet picture wise. I am working on a very exciting project at the moment which is nearing completion. There will be a whole seperate post about it, so watch this space. The rest of the month was taken up with some Easter workshops which were quite messy but lots of fun. The children did so well, some stitching and some sewing.

My first crochet class has also just finished. Five very happy weeks teaching a lovely group of ladies to crochet. From total beginners to starting projects of their own. I feel like a proud mother hen. Prepping starts now for the Patchwork class that starts in April. I love doing the classes. It has been great fun getting all the packs ready. I do still have a couple of spaces left it you would like to do the patchwork one. You can book here.

I am enjoying the very slightly warmer weather coming, the kids have enoyed being out and about more and we actually got a bit of gardening done. Nothing exciting to show you, just some tidying and sweeping really but it makes it feel so much better. My urge to spring clean and cull things has kicked in but I need to wait now until the chidren are back at school or as quick as things go in the charity bags they are back out.

Well I had best get back to the small people, so for now I’ll say ta ta, speak to you again soon.


Clair xxx


  1. Mary says:

    Had a great time learning to crochet with Clair and all the other lovely ladies that came to the class. I would totally recommend Clair’s classes. Clair is fantastic and very very patient!! Thankyou Clair for all you have taught me xx

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